WHAT is the BIBLE…
and WHAT are we supposed to do with it?

“In the beginning was the Word… and the Word was God… and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

– John 1:1-14

It is an awesome truth that the Bible is both a fully divine and fully human revelation of the eternal God. Initially, God spoke through words, dreams and visions to prophets, kings and faithful men and women. Ultimately, however, He chose to come ‘in the likeness of men’ to the world He created.

Most wonderfully, today, Jesus continues to speak through His Word personally, as a ‘living and active’ participant in human lives through their reading of scripture.  It’s incredible that a collection of writings written over a span of 1500 years, with a multiplicity of authors, in three different languages and different literary forms, maintains the steadfastly consistent and coherent narrative of God’s salvation plan, centered in Jesus. It is a narrative that not only reveals God as the supreme storyteller but of His dealings with real people through all their ups and downs.

In reading the Bible as we engage with this drama as a living, active, narrative we can discover our part in God’s eternal purposes. If we read it well… we’ll live it well. Rather than just treasure and honour the Bible, this evening will be a means to encourage us personally, and hopefully enable us then to encourage those we minister to, into more effective reading, studying and meditation.

The evening will explore a number of themes including:

  • The Divine & Human characteristics of the Bible
  • The Form and Content of the Bible as narrative and drama
  • Honouring the Character of the Bible as fully divine and fully human
  • Receiving the Bible as a collection of literary units
  • Engaging the Content of the Bible as narrative and drama

We are grateful to Stephen for speaking on a subject about which he is passionate… as he serves the wider church by helping them engage better with the Bible. The evening promises to be both stimulating and challenging and there will be time for open discussion. This event is open to everyone. Please feel free to share this invitation with pastors, church leaders, and friends. The programme will run from 7.30pm to 9.15pm. Tea and coffee will follow.

Stephen Cave is the Chief Ministry Officer (Global) with Biblica – formerly the International Bible Society.  Stephen served for 10 years with Evangelical Alliance UK as Director in NI and in several other roles in UK and Europe. He started his ministry life as Pastor of Ballycrochan Baptist Church, Bangor, after being a school teacher.

FACE 2 FACE events aim to address topical issues which we believe are important to discuss. This willbe  an evening of provocative and gracious engagement which will bring fresh  insights to the truths of God’s living Word which we are seeking to offer to a society where truth is thought only to be relative!

For further information please contact Stephen Adams on 02892 699079 or stephen.adams@ibnetworks.org


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